Instant Voodoo Love Spells Using Pictures

Cast original love spells of possession

Do you want to know the instant voodoo love spells using pictures? Here is the guide that helps you to know and cast it perfectly.

Cast Instant Voodoo Love Spells With Pictures

Cast instant voodoo love spells

First of all, get the best picture of the person you want to perform on the black magic for Instant Voodoo Love Spell. Then, get a red marker and write whatever you want or like to happen in the next seconds to that person.

After getting the picture of that person, applies some olive oil to it as you cast the spell over the picture. Then close the picture in a small bottle then plant it in front of your house.

Secondly, you get a picture of the person you are casting the instant voodoo love spells to with three long needles. Place the needles in the pictures forming a triangular picture, then place the two in water as you cast the black magic words onto the picture.

Thirdly, get the picture of the person you are casting and buy three candles, all red candles. Get into a secret place where no one can intervene with you. Look for a quiet place. Then with the local matchbox, light the candles. Wait for the candles to burn till the middle, then start casting the spell. Do this as you are burning the pictures. Start from the top right side of the picture to do the instant voodoo love spell.

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