Pen and Paper Spells

Pen and Paper Spells

Pen and paper are one of the easiest spells that are used by many people. Although there are several spells used by different people, such as Voodoo spells which use dolls for rituals, amulet spells, and a few to mention.

This spell is one of the love spells that contains magical ingredients, and it contains the use of a magic piece of paper.

For the past 10 years of my spell casting. For that reason, I have acquired much experience in casting spells that are greater in their results.

I have brought you a spell that will help you stop the suffering you have been experiencing in your life.

The pen and paper spell is a one-time spell that is cast by a psychic to end all the worries of love life. Poverty life and many other problems are going on in your life. This spell will bind you together with your partner for the rest of your life. It will strengthen the love between the two of you and make it endless.

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The pen and paper spell works along with the candle spell during the ritual. It works in a way that a person is asked to write done whatever problem. He/she wants to put an end too on the paper. For this case, let’s try to end a love problem of bringing your ex back into your life.

For this spell to be more effective, certain information has to be provided to the psychic when casting it. The person has to tell provide the birth date of the ex. She has to give me some of his picture and some pieces of hair from his/her hand. This information is the most important element in this spell.

The person who wants this spell to be cast is given a magical piece of paper and a magical pen to write down the prayer of bringing back his/her ex; for example, one can say:

Chants For This Spell

Chants For This Spell

“lord and the lady of heavens
I ask you to bring back my lost lover to me
Within a blink of an eye
I want him to come back to me while widdling with me
I ask you to make him mine forever”
As this spell is done.

Remember, while writing the prayer down, never forget the name of the one your spell casting.

After writing down the prayer, put the paper in the middle of two candles. One has to be red and the other one blue. And the piece of hair from the person is placed in the middle of the paper. The red candle symbolizes love, and the blue one symbolizes success.

After putting the paper in the middle of the candles. A circle is made around this material, and then chanting is made by the psychic on the paper. After chanting, the paper is folded onto both sides and later given to the person that is casting this spell.

Strong Love Spells

In this life we are living, many spells are used, but the difference is that more spells are stronger and others weaker. The stronger spells produce great results within a short period of time while the weaker also produce great results, but for them, they take longer to produce the results.

Love Spells

The strong pen and paper spells are stronger than other spells that exist on this planet, they are not many in number, but they are more effective and produce great results within a short period of time if practiced and cast well. Such spells are :
Voodoo spells
Love spells
Prison spells
Restore broken relationship spells
Bring back lost spells
Money spells
Candles spell
Bring ex-love with Voodoo
pen and paper spell
Chant spells and many others

The power of these spells is beyond and great in that they can produce the results within 24hrs. Strong spells are used in love problems; if you want to repair broken relationships and get marriage proposals, do you seek your lost love?

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Pen and Paper Spells For Free

Do you seek guidance, wealth, love, a job, a house, court bail, visa, or do you want revenge? Can you want your man to stay with you for the rest of your life? Is your man cheating? Do you wish to stop him, Are you dislike by many people?

If your life is face with all these challenges, then contact me for my free spells, I assure you that all these problems will come to an end, and within a short period of time, your life will be of hope.

Moreover, If you want your ex-lover to return to you, I have a free spell for you called to return my ex-back spells; if you want wealth, I have a money spell for you. 

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Magical Love Spells Without Ingredients

This love spell is a one-time spell that doesn’t need a lot of materials during its ritual time. Chanting and incantation are the major elements that are use in this love spell. The no-ingredient love spells are use to bring lost love that you thought went on for a long time and strengthen your relationship, which seems to be breaking up.

bring back your ex

No ingredient love spell to bring back your ex is a magical spell that helps you to bring back your lost ex without ingredients.
Before carrying out any work or rituals, certain information must be provide to a person who wants to spell cast; you must provide your ex’s name and date of birth. After all, this has been provide, then the ceremony starts.

The spell caster starts chanting and calls upon the ancestral spirits that are in the universe; he calls upon these spirits over three times while using the name of your ex and showing the pictures of him/her like.

Hell, the name of the great ancestor powers of [your ex’s name], The name of our great ancestor spirits of [your ex’s name], the great ones,
As the great powers of our spirits, I make this command on behalf of your hands,
Make my lost love come back and stay strong like your powers,
I want him/her to remember me as he/she remembers birth (name it ) I want him to make our love memorable in his life,
Hell, the name of our great spirits.
After chanting done, bend down and give respect to the great power of the ancestors’ spirits. Some people can also do these chants on pen and paper after writing down the prayers.

Return Lover Spell Using Pen And Paper Spells

Sometimes we lose love not because we wish to or want it but because it’s the feeling of affection and the good memories we once share with our love ones when still together.

Return Lover Spell Using Pen And Paper Spells

And this makes us still want them back in our lives. With the breakup of our love ones, we tend to face many difficulties and sufferings, such as worries, stress, and many more, when we are not with them.

Because of the memories and the feeling we have for our lost love. We tend to look for ways in which to bring them back to us. But these ways do not always work in the way. We expect so we look for better ways than the ones we had done before. 

Many people use spells to return lost lovers. Repair broken hearts and relationships, and stop you, the man, from cheating. The return lost lover spell is use to bring back the lost love to you. Spells to bring back a lost lover are also strong spells that exist in this world.

Do you wish to return your lost lover in just a few days? Hours then you will need to contact me for my return lover spell; they are simple and reliable.
Materials use:

  • Eggs
  • Pot
  • Water
  • Candles


In the port full of water by the psychic. Then a prayer is chant by the psychic together with. The person who wants to spell cast his ex-lover.

Then the prayer is says in a way that u say his name four times and then two. Eggs  break. Into this port in order to make the love of the ex-lover grow stronger than it was at first.

After the rituals done, then the pot is keep in. A safe place where there is no one that can reach it. The reason why it keeps is that the more years the water is. Keep in the pot the more years your ex-lover never lives you.


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