I wanted to write to you and let you know that something incredible has happened. I received my talisman in the mail yesterday afternoon and I was totally excited about it. Then in the evening when I was mentally prepared to do the meditation I sat on my bedroom floor and held the talisman and focused on the return of my boyfriend. First I felt that warm energy going through my body… it went from my hand up to my shoulder and settled within my core. It stayed with me throughout the night and it was the most powerful spiritual feeling I’ve ever felt. Like someone holds your hand and covers you with a warm blanket. I went to sleep knowing that all will work out and I’ve not felt that positive ever since my boyfriend left me.
This morning I awoke to a wonderful sunny day, not even one cloud on the sky and the moment I stepped out of the shower my boyfriend called. He really called. I’ve not heard from him in almost 7 months and he called me less then 24h after I received the talisman??? This can’t be a coincidence.
OMG Baba Ali, I am so excited. We are not together as of yet but he asked if we could meet on the weekend. I could feel that he was not angry at me but really missed me and wants to see me. This totally changes everything. This totally is what I want and I am bursting out of happiness. I can’t believe that this is really working.



I just wanted to thank you! I've been using your kits and voodoo dolls and have had wonderful results! I worked really hard on them and it is so great to see such results! The love doll definately worked as the one I love has just told me he wants me to move up to the area he lives in because he misses me so! Also the times we have spent together he has been much more affectionate! I'm so excited. Thank you so much!



Hi! Guess what???? He's home!! He came back about three days ago, apologized (this has never happened before - he always found a way to blame me for whatever went wrong), AND said he wants to go to counselling! After I kiss the person who recommended you to me, I would like to kiss you, too!



Jenny's back home now. Funny but I thought I would never see her again. And even though it finally took some custom kits to get everything to fall into place, I don't mind a bit all the time it took. I catch myself stareing at her and wondering if she is real sometimes. Guess I better stop that or she will think I am nuts.



I finally got the sand to finish up the Leave My Man Alone spell. Thank you very much! Funny thing is that since I've finished it I have heard that my ex's current girlfriend has moved out of his place and they are extremely close to calling it quits all together. Wow....that was fast!



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I have been having lots of question from clients about our prices, As a voodoo Priest, it’s 100% forbidden to tax anyone for our services (Its a Taboo). We will only accept FREE WILL DONATIONS AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN RESULTS and not forgetting that every ritual has a list of items to use so all customers PROVIDE JUST FOR THEIR ITEMS NEEDED FOR THEIR WORK Depending on their request!