Job Promotion Using Candles Spells

Job promotion using candles spells

Job Promotion using candles spells. Did you get a better job and make more money within steps? However, if you’re stuck on the wall for a job you can’t stand anymore, I recommend this. Within 30 days to 45 days, you will be able to get what you desire.

Candle spells for job promotion will also be used when you want a new job. There are a number of different candle-burning spells used for a job promotion, but the choice is yours. It will also depend on where you are and the job you are searching for.

Preparations for Casting Job Promotion Candles Spells

Preparations for job promotion candles spells

Before you begin a spell, you want to make a few preparations.

Get some tools/ingredients
Cheap Votive Candle Holders
Chocolate Scented Candles
Candle Color Suggestions

Each candle color has a designated purpose or meaning that should be considered. Depending on your spell and purpose, you may use more than one color of a candle.

Green – Green candles are associated with money and luck and can be used in job employment and promotion spells. This color is an excellent choice for casting a spell to get a raise or promotion.
Yellow – If you’re going to ask for a raise or a promotion, you definitely want to exude confidence. A candle spell using a yellow candle can ensure you get that extra boost. Yellow candles imbue confidence and are symbols of bits of intelligence.
Purple – You can substitute the green or yellow candle with a purple one. Purple is the color used to symbolize power and ambition.
White – Use a white candle when you don’t have the other colors on hand. White candles represent purity and can be used for any spell.

Candles will intensify the genuine heartfelt intentions of your spell.
Candle tied with rope on black background

1. Use New Candles for Job Promotion Spells

New candles for job promotion spells

You should always use a new, fresh candle that has not been previously lit. It’s believed that candles pick up vibrations each time they are used. Even if you haven’t used the candle in spellwork, if you lit it, the candle absorbed the frequencies surrounding it during the burn time. When you use a fresh candle, the candle energy provides a clear path to your goal.

2. Where to Place Your Candle

Always place the candles on an altar when you cast spells for job promotion. Any flat surface will do if you don’t have a dedicated altar. Just make sure that it’s a safe place for lit a candle!

3. Dressing the Candle

New candles for job promotion spells

Various spells require you to dress the candle first. This simply means that you must anoint the candle with oil before casting; this is done by using your fingertips, carving words or symbols into the candle, and charging it with your own personal energy. This is not always required, but many spell workers believe dressing a candle will give the spell a better chance of working effectively.

4. Casting a Candle Spell to Get Hired

A simple but effective candle spell can be used during any job search or promotion stage. It should be started on a Sunday to signify the beginning of the week and a fresh start for your job search or job interview and promotion.

5. Gather Your Ingredients

You will need to gather ingredients before you can cast the job promotion candle spell. Ensure you have everything you need before you start to avoid interrupting a spell that will break it before it can be cast properly. Votive candles are the most commonly used in job promotion spells since they burn down fairly quickly compared to larger pillar candles.

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