Justice Spells that Work Instantly

Justice Spells that Work Instantly

Have you ever heard of justice spells that work instantly? An easy way to get justice is simply to return all harm to its original sender. This protection spell promotes karmic retribution, a light form of revenge that is harmless to you, keeping you safe and protected.

This simple ritual for protection works wonders for clearing negative spiritual entities. If you are feeling bad energies at home after an odd event or unexpected visit, try this easy Wiccan protection spell.

How this Justice Spells Work

  • The black candle is not for evil purposes; it’s for protection. A “return to sender” or karma spell isn’t really black magic; it’s a protective shield that makes all harm bounce back where it came from.
  • Lemon is a cleansing agent, and it can be used to purify and absorb negative energies. Cutting it open, we release some fresh, clear energies around us.
  • Cloves are aligned with Jupiter and the element Fire. They are traditionally burned or worn for protection against magical or psychic attacks.

This is not a spell for revenge but for Karmic retribution: A ritual to return the harm to its sender and have Justice. Use lemon and a candle to cast this Magic spell easily and safely.


  • 1 black candle
  • 1 lemon
  • A knife
  • 1 incense stick (such as black pepper, ginger, or cinnamon)
  • A handful of cloves


  • Light the incense.
  • Think of all the harmful events that you’ve been experiencing. It doesn’t matter who caused them. Focus on how you feel.
  • Light the candle.
  • Cut the lemon in half.
  • Take 3 cloves, and press them inside one half of the lemon. Do the same with the other half. As you do this, you will recite a spell that will be given to you by an experienced spell caster.


Visualize again what justice means to you.

When you’re ready, open your eyes. Blow out the candle to release your intention into the Universe.

Put the lemon inside a cup or container and leave it under your bed for the rest of the night. The power of lemon will take care of cleansing you, and the cloves will guard you while you sleep.

The next morning, throw the lemon in your compost or with your regular waste disposal. Light the candle again whenever you need to recharge the spell for extra protection.

Burning candles and incense to invoke protection is a very ancient spiritual practice that can prevent evil and curses and remove negative energies from around. It is common in many parts of the world.

Extra Tips to Work Justice Spells

The best day for getting justice using spells is Tuesday. For protection spells, Saturday. Whichever day you choose, the best Lunar phase for an Uncrossing ritual is the Waning Moon, which occurs on the days after the Full Moon.

You may notice that the chant used in this spell is in the negative form.

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In other words, it talks about removing instead of attracting. If you’re a beginner, keep in mind that when we empty something out, it’s good to fill it back up with something else. This prevents what we got rid of from creeping back in.

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