Break Up A Couple With A Spell

Break Up A Couple With A Spell

Are you convinced that mere words and things can destroy any relationship, no matter how strong or weak it is? The truth is that only powerful magic spell casters possess such abilities. Unfortunately, if you’re not a magic practitioner, break-up spells can be quite challenging to cast successfully compared to other spells.

If you’re considering using white magic, expect part of the health, love, or prosperity you create with this magic to return to you. However, if you cast powerful black magic spell, their negative energy will fully return to you. This theory is called magic retribution, and it’s usually experienced by around 90% of all beginning spell casters.

Breaking up a couple requires dark magic, which means you should give equal priority to casting the spell correctly and protecting yourself against its kickback. However, as an amateur spell caster, you will probably not allow to cast spells yet. It’s always a choice to become a magic practitioner, but the circumstances usually create themselves, and people dedicate their lives to magic and esoteric science.

Break Up a Couple with a Spell Using Lemon

One way of casting spell to break someone up is by using a lemon. Sorcerers have always preferred using ingredients whose properties speak for themselves. In ancient times, they used gold to attract wealth or graveyard soil to make someone sick or kill them. Lemons have a bitter taste, and you’ll never eat a lot of them at once. Small slices of lemon make your tea taste great, but eating too much of it can be harmful, causing stomach pain and making your eyes tear up.

Break Up A Couple With A Spell

The lemon breakup spell will transform the bitterness of the lemon into negative energy that makes the partners avoid each other for no reason. The couple will find it hard to have long conversations or sex, and being together for a long time will be difficult. So, here’s how to use black magic spell to break up a couple without them noticing: buy the ugliest lemon you find, with the more rotten parts, dark spots, and bad order, the better it is to cast the breakup spell. After bringing it home, put it in cold tap water to remove its energy, set a table in the middle of the room where no one sleeps, place the lemon in the center of the table, close the door, and keep it so for one day. 

Ways to Break Up a Couple

Remember that there are different levels of break-up spells. The simplest spells influence the target’s consciousness, like the lemon break a love spell described above. However, since hope is the only thing you rely on, chances are the spell will fail. I consider it a very good result when even 20% of such spells work. The next level is when you turn into a magnet by casting spell to make someone fall out of love with you, boosting your energies, and attracting your loved one like a magnet. As a result, this person leaves their lover/spouse to be with you. 


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