Honey Jar Spells

Honey Jar Spells

Honey jar spells. This kind of spell is named to be the most simple and effective love spell that has ever been cast or used by witches. It was designed with the ability to sweeten the affection of someone towards you. You can use this spell on someone of interest, maybe your crush, lover, ex-wife, or husband. Does your boss tend to chase you from your work, yet you don’t want? Then trust me on this, this kind of love can make your love or life problems within a few minutes of casting a Honey jar spell.

I have been casting such kind of love magic for many decades, but all I have received is positive results from my clients. It is the most commonly asked spell in my clients, less time is needed, and I can assure you, you will receive instant results right away

There are several good uses for this spell. Just let me know your need, and I will work the perfect honey jar spell for you. This is a 3-day spell, and once it has been worked for you, you will receive your honey jar directly with no related issues.

How to Cast the Spells

If you want to cast it and get effective results remember to start the ritual, you must have clear intentions. This is a genie. Don’t leave any be with a dirty room if you want things to go well. You will simply have to visualize exactly what you want or write it down on either paper. All you have to know is that you know what you’re seeking with whatever spell you cast. 

Remember, this is actually the simplest spell to cast. 

The Procedure of the Rituals of Honey Jar Spells

Honey Jar Spells

 Firstly make your own circle of your own appeal. Cleanse/clean the jar, then after putting the following ingredients inside the jar;

  • Lavender or you can also use cinnamon. 
  • Put a piece of paper with the person’s name on it whose feelings you want to sweeten folded in half.
  • Pour Honey into the jar in order to cover the other ingredients that are in the jar.
  • Your feel to adding in other herbs that are in your interest.
  • After putting in all the ingredients, close the jar, Afterburn a candle; it may be pink, red, or white if that’s what you have. Start chanting the following words as the candles are burning.

Let the Kindness keep growing inside your heart

Make All our differences fall apart

Let the Sweetness in this jar keep shining like the sun

Send good to all and harm no one

Later seal off the honey jar with the candle wax. This will show that you move with wax all along the top sides of the jar until the cover is completely sealed to the jar.

 Give yourself minutes to charge the jar. Put your hands around it while picturing the ideal that is in your mind. Correct as much positive energy as you can gather from your hands into the jar.

If needed, break out the same candle and repeat the chant, then recharge the jar. If the spell isn’t working, continue these steps once a week until it does. You can also leave the jar out to charge in the moonlight if you want it to be extra powerful. Honey jar spells

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